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The ErgoStrap semi-automatic pallet strapping system is the solution to a problem that many don’t even know exists.


Let's assume this is how many strapping cycles are performed in your company.

100 strapping cycles per day =
Bending over 50000 times per year =
Walking around the pallet 25000 times per year

The majority of Australian companies that need to strap pallets to keep their loads secure can improve this packaging process and protect their employees.



Only requiring one person to operate, strapping the pallet is able to be carried out safely in a standing position at an optimal working height with

    • No electricity.


    • No compressed air.


    • No cords.


    • No excess strap.


    • and OH&S friendly.

This strapping system works both crosswise and lengthwise with a floor clearance of only 8cm. Using a revolutionary chain lance, this ErgoStrap pallet strapping system dispense the strap through the void of the pallet, vertically up the back of the pallet and returning across the top to the operator who takes the strap and tensions/seals it with the battery powered strapping tool.

The battery operated ErgoStrap pallet strapping system is portable, allowing easy strapping of pallets anywhere in the warehouse. A single battery charge will allow ErgoStrap pallet strappers to execute 100-400 strap cycles depending on the height of the pallets. Battery recharging takes about 6 hours and can be done overnight.



700 / Strap delivery by hand crank. No sealing head.

700E / 700X Electronic strap delivery. No sealing head.

713X / 726X / 745X with electrical drive via joystick and Siemens Industrial Touchscreen and sealing head (tension force 2500N / 4000N) and Tool-Lift.

713E / 726E / 745E with electrical drive via joystick and sealing head (tension force 2500N / 4000N) and Tool-Lift.

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