Trio 220


Trio 220 Electric Hand Strapping Tool

The Trio 220 with a massive 2200n tension capacity is a battery operated hand strapping tool designed to strap all kinds of products quickly, safely and with very little effort.

The Trio 220, exclusive to Trio Packaging has excellent features, proven reliability as well being very competitively priced.


  • Made in Italy
  • Huge capacity lithium Polymer Battery rechargeable 14.8v, 3 A/H. Quick 30 minute recharge. Please note: this battery have no memory affect and can be recharged anytime. (Includes charger)
  • Light weight 3.9kg
  • Ergonomic design
  • Maximum tension force of 2200N
  • Tension control. The tension can be pre-set so as to not over tighten strap tension if required
  • Vibration sealing method. The sealing time can also be pre-set if required


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