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Leonardo is a pallet-wrapping robot able to successfully meet any requirements in wrapping of pallettized and not-pallettized loads.

This self-moving robot wraps loads of different weights and sizes anyhere in your premises. place, has compact overall dimensions and reduced weight in order to be handled easily (this is far simpler thanks to a practical driving system with helm equipped with push-button controls) and it can work in only 75 cm around the pallet to be wrapped thanks to an ELECTRIC MANOEUVRING SYSTEM PAT and a complex ROTATION SYSTEM around the pallet thanks to a TOUCHING WHEELER, therefore it can work in a small working area that is smaller than the other pallet-wrapping robots.

The machine is equipped with a TELESCOPIC MAST PAT, that reaches up to 2350mm in height , and with a 100% POWER PRESTRETCH SYSTEM PAT fitted as standard (1 m = 2 m), that grants a high-quality pallet-wrapping and a good saving of stretch film in quality and quantity. It is possible to further adjuste the film tension through a potentiometer .

This robotic pallet-wrapper is driven by twin independent electric motors powered by self-propelled batteries which are maintenance free that is they need no fill and can be recharged through a onboard power set from a standard 230 V power supply when not in use. The machine is able to wrap at about 60 – 80 EUR-pallets of medium height before recharging; it is evident that the number of wrapped pallet depends on the pallet dimensions.

Leonardo: a little great genius. LITTLE thanks to restricted working area, compact overall dimensions and reduced weight, maintenance free; GREAT thanks to high quality standards, high functionality, high performances. INCREDIBLE because of its price/quality ratio.

It can be used in warehouses with restricted space where a conventional turntable pallet wrapper permanently sited would command too much floor space. When not required it can simply be manoeuvred out of the area and the floor space used for another purpose.

6 different pre-programmable memorised settings
Only up-cycle
Number of bottom/middle/top wraps set up on control panel
Pallet-height automatically detected by a photocell or predetermined on control panel
EMERGENCY-STOP push-button
Safety device for automatic stop
Sound and light working signal
The robot works with STRETCH FILM ( thickness19 – 40 ; width 500 mm)

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Machine made according to CE rules.

Power supply 230 V – 1 Ph
Overall dimensions L x W x H 1066 x 738 x 1560 mm
Machine Weight 235 kg
Maximum pallet-wrapping height 2350 mm
Minimum pallet dimensions L x W x H 700 x 900 x 500 mm
Minimum pallet weight 80 kg
Overall shipment dimensions L x W x H – pallet 800 x 1200 x 1700 mm
Shipment pallet Gross Weight 260 kg
Maximum pallet dimensions no limit
Maximum pallet weight no limit

notes: Technical data subject to variations without prior notice the output depends on the operator and the type of the package being wrapped.

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