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What do Strap Poka  pallet strapping machines do?

Well, in a nut shell…

They simultaneously place numerous plastic straps – can be vertical, horizontal or a mixture of both – around a pallet and through pallet voids in a few seconds ( This is normally the most time consuming part of the strapping cycle).

These pallet strapping machines will place two or more straps – simultaneously – around a pallet in just 6 or so seconds!

Strap Pokas make the job easy, faster, less tiring and safer , enabling compliance with risk legislation.

Low cost Strap Poka pallet strapping machines enable manual strapping operations be transformed without the huge capital expenditure associated with fully automatic pallet strapping machines and their after sales maintenance costs.

Strap Pokas can be used not only as mainline strapping units but as back ups for those already using automatic strapping machines to keep production moving in the event of breakdown..

Strap Poka pallet strapping machines are available in many varied designs, push along, pallet truck mounted, static drive in, inline and all offering the same benefits making the job safer and reducing manual palletising times by 50% or more

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The options? Spend a fortune on fully automatic strapping machines… or continue spending too much to get the job done by continuing with methods that were current in the 1940’s – like this…


Strap Poka

How do Strap Poka pallet strapping machines work?

Let’s assume that the Strap Poka shown in the picture has previously been loaded with coils of strap and that a short length of strap has been left dangling from each top gantry.

The operator simply grips the strap, pulls it down and with one hand ‘swipes’ it into the automatic strap gripper located in the toe of each fork. The unit is then pushed – JUST ONE PUSH – into the pallet to place two straps simultaneously over the top and around the pack, down the back and thru the pallet voids.

This operation is very easy as the forks ‘float’ ie there are no wheels under them to push over bottom pallet boards, so they glide in easily and silently. The operator then takes the strapping tool out of the tool bin, walks to the front of the pallet, pulls the strap from the toe of the fork (automatic release), reaches overhead and slightly forward for the upper strap and places both into the tool for completion of the strapping operation in the usual way. It is our experience that no-one goes back to strapping the old fashioned way once they’ve had access to a Strap Poka. This type of operation can be completed in 40 seconds. NOTE ALSO THAT A ’ TOOL HOLSTER CAN ALSO BE SITED BETWEEN THE FRONT OF THE TOP GANTRIES so the operator would then only have to reach overhead for the tool

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Units priced from $2500.00 + GST and Delivery


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