Nastropack NP 01 LC EV


A machine for the automatic sealing of standard-size carton boxes (units with fixed height and width). Two simple and fast manual hand- wheel adjustments allow the setting of the machine to the required box size. The bottom and the top flaps are simultaneously sealed (the carton box must be introduced in the machine with the top flaps already closed). Ideal solution for carton boxes with a maximum 50 cm width and height.


  • Side pressure rolls with 3 wheels positioned in multiple places, for a better side pressure of the carton (to keep the upper flaps approach even in the presence of bulging/swollen/filled cartons)
  • Millimetre scale fitted as standard on the machine frame, for an easy and quick adjustment of the upper assembly depending on the height of the carton which has to be taped
  • Device “close three flaps” to facilitate and speed up the inclusion of carton… with a consequent increasing of the productivity
  • Max width of the cartons: 500 mm
  • Max height of the cartons: 500 mm
  • Min width of the cartons: 100 mm (if the carton has a minimum height of 110 mm)
  • Min height of the cartons: 100 mm (if the carton has a minimum width of 150 mm)
  • Taping head with a new roll to reduce noise during the detachment of the mother
  • tape, during the conducting of the tape
  • Blue colour (main structure of the machine) and yellow colour (moving parts)

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