Super Dot Rollers

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Now available from Trio Packaging – the revolutionary hand dispenser. Fast, clean & accurate, SuperDot Roller will revolutionise the way SuperDot Glue Dots are applied and will speed up your production.

In independent trials SuperDot Roller proved to be up to twice as quick as dispensing glue dots by hand.

SuperDot Roller is also light & portable, allowing easy loading of SuperDot rolls and accurate placing of individual dots each and every time.

SuperDots for the SuperDot Roller are available in rolls of 1500 in 2 grades of adhesive Easytak (removable) and Easy Midtak (removable). Other taks are available on request.

The SuperDot Roller gun makes it quick and easy to apply our SuperDot – either a dot at a time or as a continuous row of glue dots.

  • Lays down single dots or a continuous row
  • Faster fixing means greater productivity
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Reduces job turnaround time
  • Increase profits

Please call us on 07 3633 0912 for pricing and advice.

We always recommend obtaining samples before going ahead with a new project. Our samples can be accessed by calling us on the number above.